Подготовка к сдаче Кембриджского экзамена для преподавателей TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test)

TKT shows how you are developing as a teacher.
It is ideal for people who want to prove their teaching knowledge with a globally recognized certificate.
With TKT, you show employers that you: 
are familiar with different teaching methodologies
know how to use teaching resources effectively
understand key aspects of lesson planning
can use different classroom management methods for different needs.

TKT Module 1
The course focuses on TKT Module 1 (Language and background to language learning and teaching) preparation and includes the following sections:
Part 1 - describing language and language skills
Part 2 - background to language learning
Part 3 - background to language teaching

TKT Module 2
The course TKT Module 2 focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to plan lessons or a series of lessons.
It also looks at assessment and resources that can guide lesson planning, and include the following sections:
planning and preparing a lesson or a sequence of lessons
selection and use of resources

You will get an intensive preparation course (16 hours) which includes not only theoretical and practical parts, but also you will get practical teaching ideas and exchange your teaching experiences with other teachers.
You will receive a lot of tasks for your homework, past exam papers and sit an official Cambridge TKT Module exam and get the results from Cambridge Language Assessment.

Be Experts in Teaching!

Центр подготовки преподавателей Education Expert

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* MINI-CELTA Course (Teaching Adults)

* MINI-CELTA Course (Teaching Young Learners)

* How to teach IELTS


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