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The course is designed to help you deepen your understanding of the language system of English including grammar, vocabulary, phonology, discourse and promote effective learning through English in the classroom.
As a teacher, you need to use English appropriately and confidently.
This includes both having a strong grasp of the way the language works, and also using the right language at the right time in class.
This course explains the kinds of language you should use during “teacher talk” – including when setting up activities, in discourse and asking questions – as well as reinforcing your understanding of key language areas and discussing why this is important.
You will get not only practical knowledge but also hands-on teaching experience that will help you build your classroom confidence.

Course components:
Teacher talk
How to evaluate learners
How to correct learners

Course duration: 5 days
Total input: 15 hours
Price: 1725 UAH
Course begins: 02.12.2017

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