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Mini-CELTA (Teaching Young Learners)

The course Mini-CELTA involves the analysis and appreciation of various methods, styles and strategies for both language teaching and learning.
You will be also introduced to a range of teaching aids and classroom management techniques for teaching adults, teenagers or young learners from the age of 10.
You will get not only practical knowledge but also hands-on teaching experience that will help you build your classroom confidence.
As the course is very practical, you will spend each morning either teaching or observing your peers under the guidance of the tutor.
The feedback session will allow you to get the deep analysis of your or your peers teaching performance.
Language Awareness component of the course is designed to familiarise you with aspects of the English language.
It focuses on grammar & structure (form), meaning in context (function) and the sound system of the English language (phonology).

* Classroom management
* Lesson planning
* Teaching grammar
* Teaching vocabulary
* Teaching receptive skills
* Teaching productive skills
* Crafts in teaching YL
* Role-plays
* Preparing for Cambridge Young Learners Exams (Starters, Movers, Flyers )

Course components:
Language awareness
Classroom management
Lesson types
Lesson planning
Presenting vocabulary
Presenting grammar
Developing productive skills
Developing receptive skills

Course duration: 7 days
Class times: 09.00-16.00
Total input: 42 hours
Price: 3500 UAH
Registration deadline: 31.07.2017

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