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TKT Course CLIL Module
This course gives you a solid understanding of the principles of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning ) and teaching ideas to deliver CLIL lessons to your students.
It will also prepare you to take the Cambridge TKT CLIL module.
The course covers the following topics
Lesson planning
Cognitive and communication skills
Scaffolding content and language learning
Adapting materials and resources
Classroom language and support strategies

The course will give you confidence to teach other subjects in a foreign language.
The course is of a very practical nature, showing ways in which materials can be developed for use in the CLIL classroom.
Participants are encouraged to reflect on their own teaching and to try out CLIL techniques for themselves in the contexts they currently work in.
Course duration - 16 hours+ 2 hours Mock test
Dates: 25.10.2017 – 17.11.2017
Price: 1680 UAH
Classes 120 minutes/ twice a week

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